My name is Etanis Cumba, 31, born and raised in Roxbury, Ma. Between the ages of 13-26 I was in and out of jail/courts dealing with the system and trying to change my life. I am the father of an amazing 10 year old boy with Down’s syndrome that became my reason to really change my life.


Since then I have been working hard on bettering myself so I can be the best example for my son. It’s been difficult with my past to find a good job worth the time and money.


Since I started my job as a personal trainer I’ve received so much support and encouragement from both staff and clients to continue on my journey and it’s been the best feeling to know I have a community behind to help me through my difficult times.


Loan Amount: $1,600

Loan Use: Exhaust, Catalytic converter, etc.

Interest Rate: 0%

Payback Period: 8 months


Etanis drives a needs approximately $1,500 to fix his 2008 Nissan Altima, which requires new catalytic converters, struts, and exhaust system. His vehicle has failed inspection, preventing him from safely getting to and from work. 

Etanis has a full-time job and excellent job security. He has pledged to pay back this loan within eight (8) months using cash flow from his job as a personal trainer.