My name is Jermaine Taylor, 34, born & raised in the Dorchester/Mattapan area of Boston, Massachusetts. I was introduced to the youth jail system at the age of 12 years old and have been in & out of jail since. Until recently, I never experienced a year free from incarceration. I also have never been free of probation ever since being placed on probation at 12 years old. Today I am striving to live a more complete, consistent lifestyle that doesn’t involve any illegal, high risk behavior.

Today I am a role model to 2 wonderful children who keep me grounded and focused on not returning to prison. I am slated to complete superior court probation over the summer and district probation in December. I've also recently completed federal probation. I was working 2 jobs until February. Unfortunately, with everything in a state of flux, I am only employed with ICW at the moment.

Times are relatively harder than usual with cover-19. Nevertheless, I intend to continuously weather my storms.


Loan Amount: $800

Loan Use: Court fees

Interest Rate: 0%

Payback Period: 5 Months


Jermaine is looking for an $800 loan to pay off outstanding court fees associated with probation. Jermaine runs the risk of being charged penalties and/or even getting re-arrested for not paying his court fees.